Doctor Frances Burnside

Widow aged 37. Trained and educated as a doctor but owns a funeral parlour, 'Burnside of London', located in a rented terrace house with adjoining stable in 13 Ravens Row, Whitechapel District of London.


JOB Embalmer / Undertaker
CLASS Mystic
KIT Spiritualist / Agnostic
ALIGNMENT Lawful Neutral
AC 10
MB 12"
HP 16
XP 1851 +10% BONUS
SEX Female
HEIGHT 5’ 10"
WEIGHT 135 lb
AGE 37
LANGUAGES English / Latin
CASH / INCOME £107.25 +roll 5/D4 weekly

WEAPON PROFICIENCIES 2/5 Shotgun / Navy Pistol
WEAPONS AT HAND Shotgun / Navy Pistol plus 1 Blessed Bullet

NON_WEAPON PROFICIENCIES 5/3 Spiritcraft / Medicine / Marksmanship / Forbidden Lore / Academician

MUST perform Spiritcraft Check I Bless / I Detect Magic / I Detect Evil / I Purify FnD / I Cure Light Wounds
… to be studied at level II I Detect Poison
… at level III II Slow Poison
… at level IV I Command / II Goodberry
… at level V II / III
… at level VI III
… at level VII IV
… at level VIII III / IV


Born in Glasgow on May 14th 1853 to Scottish parents, she became an orphan at the age of 7 with both parents dying within a year of each other. Her mother died while giving birth to a son, given up for adoption (name/whereabouts:unknown) and shortly afterwards her father became ill and died of consumption (now known as tuberculosis) and a broken heart.

She then moved to London to live with her grandmother. Upon leaving school at the age of 13 to work in her grandmothers floristry shop. She fell in love shortly after with Harrold, the son of the local mortician who was studying medicine and working in the his fathers morgue learning the secrets of embalming and burying the deceased. Sadly one of his first jobs was to bury Aislinn (Iris) Rose Black (nee.MacDhuibhshith), 63, formerly of East Kilbride, Scotland. It was Frances’ grandmother. She had owned ‘Iris Rose Floral Shoppe’ and also had made a living offering her spare rooms out to lodgers. There were over 300 mourners at her funeral and Frances was proud to have given them all a friendly and sincere farewell for Iris. Frances was left the house and shop. The shop and house was sold to one of the lodgers who turned the business into a millinery store where you can buy fancy hats and french lace parasols.

Frances joined young Harrold in his work and study and within a few years they had acquired the family business in Whitechapels Raven Row, Burnside of London Funeral Parlour. The funeral parlour had been open since 1805 and with the close proximity to London Hospital and the many cemeteries around the district, as well as the ever increasing population there was never a shortage of business.

In 1873, on May 14th, Frances gave birth to her only child, Mildred Iris Burnside. Harrold was a few years older than Frances and September 3rd that same year, on his 31st birthday while on a hot air balloon ride in the north of England, he died from injuries sustained in a crash with another balloon, he fell at least half a mile from the sky. Frances raised Millie all by herself while managing to keep the business going through those tough years.

Doctor Frances Burnside

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